Rethinking group messaging

People group messaging

The internet is still in its early days. People in their 20s and 30s can remember the days of dial up modems and the use of analog pay phones. Every online application and internet idea can be rethought and recreated a hundred times over. The light bulb is over 140 years old and it continues to enjoy innovative transformations. At Planet, we believe that like the light bulb, group messaging applications will also continue to be reimagined.

Introducing Lyte, lightweight group messaging

The goal of Lyte is to allow people to focus on the message. If you want to create groups, that’s easy to do. But the point is the messages. It is all about getting the information you need. We want to help you get to your map links, your attached photos, and helping you easily find everything that comes up in discussions. The experience of Lyte is 100% focused on you sending and receiving the messages that you can find later.

Conversations with smaller groups of people

“Do not spend too much time with large groups of people.” That’s a quote from the poem entitled, “How To Be Perfect,” by Ron Padgett. You can read it here. We agree with that quote. Let’s return home in our online social circles. With Lyte, you can easily communicate with the people you really care about.

Group messaging where the groups are optional

But you don’t have to create any groups. You create threads and if you want to save the recipients on that thread into a specific group, say “Basketball friends,” you can save that later. That way you can still focus on your message. Groups help to organize ideas and to easily message groups again, but they aren’t required.

Staying on the web

Although we have plans for features like reply by email, reply by text, and mobile app, we are going to keep Lyte primarily on the web. Beluga and GroupMe are mobile apps only, focusing on quick chats. Lyte is different. We are encouraging you to have conversations that can be retrieved. That’s why we have tagging, search, threads, and rich snippets. It is all about access to your thoughts and ideas.

We can’t wait to open it to the public, our friends love it and we hope you will too.

Lyte is closed for sign up right now. We are soon opening to beta. Please feel free to contact us to request access.