Smart Group Messaging in Lyte

What if you didn’t have to search through long group message threads to find links, maps, images, photographs, videos, and other information?

Lyte pulls important information to the top of discussions

When information is mentioned in a Lyte thread’s comments section, it automatically takes the links and maps mentioned, and puts them into buckets at the top of the thread.

Lyte is smart group chat

Our users never have to search through long email chains to find directions or a link.

The analysis of the comments and discussions occurs in the browser. We never read or analyze messages, the work is done using browser technologies, mainly JavaScript. In other words, the user is analyzing their own information.

We call this technology Smart Group Messaging

Bringing intelligence into your group chats increases the value of a conversation. To make the information more valuable we are looking towards third parties to help parse and render more information based on user discussions. Also, we want to add dates and events. One can imagine many ways to expand Smart Group Messaging’s usefulness. Our number one goal is getting out of our users way, and giving them the information they need.

Write Todo lists within group messaging

In order to better understand what our customer base is looking for, we’ve interviewed a number of professionals and learned todo lists are important to people’s workflow.

We want to allow people to create todo lists in the easiest way possible. Imagine writing in a thread comment “TODO: Finish the press release” and automatically become a todo item listed at the top of the thread.

Lyte helps people keep track of their thoughts and ideas as they arise naturally. Write whatever comes to mind, and we’ll sort it.